Tight-head containers are used for securing liquids and allow for easy pouring. We have vented and non-vented containers available. There are a variety of closure styles, shapes and colors.

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White Tighthead.jpg

Available in a wide
variety of colors!
Full UN Rated
Consistent Wall Thickness

5 Gal/ 19 Liter 70mm Natural Tighthead 

  • Open Vent With Poker Chip Dust Cap

20L/5Gal White Tighthead, 8TPI, 
1100 Gram Non-Tamper Evident

  • Open Vent Stem with PC70 Cap Installed
  • UN-3H1/Y1.8/100

20 Liter Natural Tighthead, 1100g, Closed Vent

  • 1100g
  • Closed Vent TCS with Poker Chip Dust Cover
  • 6TPI
  • Tamper Evident
  • 0mm Neck Finish

20L/5Gal Natural Tighthead with 63mm Crimp Neck Finish

  • With 63mm Crimp Neck Finish
  • No Vent Stem

20L/5Gal White Tighthead, Non-Tamper Evident, Closed Vent

  • 70mm, 8 TPI
  • Non-Tamper Evident
  • With Poker Chip Dust Cover
  • Closed Vent
  • 1000g

20 Liter Blue Tighthead, 1100 Gram, Tamper Evident

  • 1100 Gram, 61mm Tamper Evident
  • Closed Vent
  • UN 3H1/Y1.8/100